Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Historic Map Works

Based in Portland Maine, Historic Map Works, LLC is an Internet company formed to create a historic digital map database of North America and the world. Drawing on the largest physical collection of American property atlases of its type, it is our aim to be the single best online destination for map enthusiasts and researchers alike.
In addition to our own atlas collection, we incorporated our scans of the antiquarian world map collection from the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education located at the University of Southern Maine. Combining these collections allows site visitors a vast amount of information spanning several centuries of cartographic information.
Historic Map Works's map collection includes:
  • United States Property Atlases
  • Antiquarian Maps
  • Nautical Charts
  • Birdseye Views
  • Special Collections (Celestial Maps, Portraits, and other historical images)
  • Directories and other text documents
The vast majority of our database was created by scanning an original map at a high resolution by our team of highly skilled image technicians. After scanning, this team processes out the major imperfections while maintaining the look of an antiquarian map.
Click here for a video demonstration.
Maps are then uploaded and cataloged for viewing on our website. Our technicians geocode each map to a modern map to enable the search by address function. Linking the historic images in our database with geocode data allows visitors to search by modern day address or latitude and longitude coordinates. Other methods to view our maps include browsing by geographic location as well as searching our maps via keywords, town names, makers names, or simply by year.
Prints and giftware are offered for the vast majority of images on our site. A Giclee printing process is used to create the images ordered from our site ensuring an archival print that will remain vibrant for years to come.
Historic Map Works has two websites which host our maps. The first is www.historicmapworks.com which is aimed at individual subscribers and the second is Historic Map Works Library Edition which is distributed by ProQuest to public libraries and universities.
Our map collection numbers over 1,574,915 individual images (click here for detailed statistics of maps available online) for you to explore. Track your ancestors to their homes; see the roads they traveled on, and the names of the neighbors they talked with. Multiple layers allow you to see an area change through time, and our Geocode feature allows you to compare historical and modern maps.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ajarn Donald's Educational News

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teaching English as a foreign language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Teaching English as a foreign language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Institutions commonly provide round-trip airfare and a rent-free apartment for a one-year contract. Note that since March 15, 2008, visa rules have changed. Prospective teachers must now undergo a medical examination and a criminal background check, produce an original degree certificate, and provide sealed transcripts. On arriving in South Korea, teachers must undergo a further medical check before they receive an ARC (Alien Registration Card) card.

Introducing the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary App

Introducing the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary App

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) is a world best-seller. And it's now available as an app, with the full A-Z dictionary, real voice (not text to speech) audio, and My View to custo...

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Google Puts The Dead Sea Scrolls Online (in Super High Resolution)

Google Puts The Dead Sea Scrolls Online (in Super High Resolution)

Thanks to Google and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, you can now fire up your browser and start taking a good, close look at The Dead Sea Scrolls, the ancient biblical texts found between 1947 and 1956, right on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Give Teachers a Break by Student Centered Learning – Thailand

Give Teachers a Break by Student Centered Learning – Thailand

Give Thai teachers good teacher training; a decent salary; and good working conditions. Above all give teachers credit and rewards for the work they are doing day in and day out with their students .

Asia Higher Education News | Asian Correspondent

Asia Higher Education News | Asian Correspondent

Reviews and profiles of international schools, us, uk, eu, colleges, universities, study abroad, mba, diploma and pathway programs for Asian students.

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Ajarn Donald's Educational News | Scoop.it

Chrome extensions to help your school save ink and paper by Richard Byrne

Here are five Chrome extensions to maximize your school's ink and paper budget, install any of these extensions on your school's computers then teach students to use them before they print from the web. Read complete original blog post here. http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2012/01/5-google-chrome-extensions-to-help-your.html

My favorite part of this business is the people. I have met thousands of people from more than 60-countries, all ages from young-old, all colors except green (ha ha ha), male-female, fat like me and thin etc. Some are teachers while most are students/learners/parents. In this process I have been able to learn many fascinating things about different cultures.

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What Is Blood Pressure

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Happy New Year 2012