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Move Your Courses Online Free: Introducing CourseSites by Blackboard

English: Blackboard
English: Blackboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CourseSites is a free, hosted online course creation and facilitation service that empowers individual K–12 teachers, college and university instructors and community educators to add a web–based component to their courses, or even host an entire course on the Internet. You even choose your own URL, so students can find your page easily.

Imagine having your own interactive elearning platform, that allows you to post and update course material, interact with students, promote collaboration, as well as assess and improve performance –– anytime, anywhere, 24/7. All the online teaching tools you need in one place!

CourseSites is powered by the latest and greatest technology from Blackboard, including Blackboard Learn™, Release 9.1, Blackboard Collaborate™, Blackboard Mobile™, and Blackboard Connect™.

See how quick it is to set up courses and how to get a jump-start with a structure that supports your primary teaching method, such as lecture, guided discussion, or social learning.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Borneo - West Kalimantan

Are you an educator? Want to help your students develop global competencies through international collaborations? Become part of one of the largest global movements that inspire students around the world to learn, collaborate and work towards developing solutions to one of the most pressing environmental issues of all time.

DeforestACTION provides an array of educational resources that help students engage in meaningful, global collaborative problem-solving by exploring the global issue of deforestation.  Browse through the resources located in the left hand tabs.  These resources are designed to incorporate a variety of social media and online technology tools, allowing students to become empowered by taking real action on the planet they will inherit while cultivating 21st century skills like teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking.

  • Teacher Resources
     – Looking for quick ways to introduce DeforestACTION in the classroom? Check out these starter activities;
  • DeforestACTION Virtual Classroom, pre-populated with full-lesson plans and learning activities for primary and secondary level students;
  • Earthwatchers, where students can monitor the rainforests of Borneo through satellite imagery, mark changes in land patterns over a period of time, and report disturbances;
  • DeforestACTION Collaboration Centre, a space for students and youth to dialogue, blog, share photos, connect with the Eco Warriors (link) and collaborate with peers from around the world;
  • Online events, where students can hear from experts in the field, Eco-warriors and others around the world to collaboratively learn and discuss deforestation issues in real-time;
  • Action tools - learn how students can extend their learning by getting involved in other ways with DeforestACTION!  

  • DeforestACTION is a project of TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed).  TIGed hosts community of globally-minded educators interested in empowering their students to think and act as world citizens, a collection of resources that facilitate the inclusion of global perspectives in the classroom, and a virtual classroom that allows students to use collaborative technology in order to connect with people from around the world and learn about global issues.  For more information, visit

    Teachers: Sign up your school!
    By signing up to DeforestACTION below, you will automatically receive a School Hub and access to create a free online DeforestACTION Virtual Classroom to engage your students!

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    Father's Day Video Writing Prompts

    K-2: Father's Day Facts

    What do you know about your dad? Write down 3 facts about him.

    Bonus: For each Father's Day Fact, draw a picture to illustrate that fact about your dad.

    (You can use an uncle, grandfather or other male role model in place of your dad.)

    3-5: Moments with Dad

    Describe a moment in your life in which your dad played a major role. Describe the event in detail, along with how your dad was involved and how having him there made you feel.

    (You can use an uncle, grandfather or other male role model in place of your dad.)

    6-8: Dad's Life Stereotypical Activities

    What activities best represent the "dad life" to you? What activities does your dad, or other dads that you know, break with these stereotypical "father-figure" activities? 

    Using those examples, explain how people in your life either life up to OR go against "dad" stereotypes.

    9-12: A Father's Influence

    Why is it important for children to have a father, or a positive male role model, in their lives? In an argumentative essay, explain the importance of a father's influence, citing specific reasons to support your claim. You can use examples from your life or from those around you as additional support.

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    Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    World Without Internet

    World without Internet

    The internet has evolved the way we all live. Everything can now be done in the comfort of your own home - from doing some grocery shopping to getting an education. For busy people who don’t have time to go to the mall or the grocery store, they can easily order their goods online and have them delivered to their door. For working parents, the internet has allowed them to get a degree in practically any field without having to sacrifice family time or work stability. Even for countries where there are no institutions of higher learning, as long as there is an internet connection, there is a access to education.
    Now think about what were to happen if the internet never existed. People from around the world wouldn’t have the access to the unlimited amount of information the internet holds. Obtaining a degree while balancing family and work would be that much more difficult. Let’s take a look at how the world would be without the internet.
    For many, it’s a scary thought. What if the internet simply disappeared tomorrow? What if all of the connections we held and activities we performed online were suddenly not available to us? These are questions that most would not want to answer even if they weren’t actively involved professionally online. Those of us who work online could be devastated.
    In case you’re one of those who takes the world wide web for granted, here’s an infographic that takes us through the hypothetical scenario. The benefit, of course, is that more kids would go outside to play. 

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    Inspirational Video - You Can Do it!

    How To Get Free Money For College

    How to Get Free Money for College
    From: Online Colleges Blog

    With the price of tuition and books soaring, college can get costly. Luckily, there are ways you can get free money to help make your higher education experience more affordable.

    Grant money, however, is usually based largely on need and is often parceled out on a first-come, first-served basis. As college costs skyrocket, it's important to apply early for financial aid and be aware of any available grants that might help lower your college costs.

    Four types of grants

    First, the major types of grants:

    • Federal Pell Grants. By far the largest grant program, Pell grants range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. These grants are based solely on need, as determined by the student's college of choice using federally approved guidelines. Eligible colleges receive a fixed amount of Pell money each year; once it's gone, it's gone, which is why it can pay to apply for aid early. Students receiving Pell grants who are math, science or social sciences majors may also be eligible for theAcademic Competitiveness Grant (up to $750 for the first year of study and $1,300 for the second). Math and science students may also be eligible for the National SMART Grant (up to $4,000 a year for the third and fourth years of study). Both were introduced in 2006.
    • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants.These grants of $100 to $4,000 are reserved for the neediest of students. As with Pell grants, students apply through their colleges' financial aid offices.
    • State grants. Most states have some kind of free-money program -- again, often based on need, although some programs are also targeted to encourage study in certain areas. To find grants such as these and learn how to apply, check the website for your state's student-aid or higher-education commission.
    • Institutional grants. These grants come from the colleges themselves, and they are handed out when federal and state aid isn't enough -- or when the school is trying to discount its sticker price enough to attract a desirable candidate. Sometimes, colleges will substitute grants for loans to sweeten the deal for a sought-after student. Typically, you don't apply for these grants. But students can increase their chances for an attractive financial aid package by targeting schools that are likely to want them, rather than fighting to be admitted to a school that has plenty of other choices.

    How to improve your chances

    How can you improve your chances of getting a grant? The first step is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, which you can submit online, find at schools' financial-aid offices, or have mailed to you by calling the U.S. Department of Education at (800) 433-3243. 
    The earliest you can submit your form for the following school year is Jan. 1.
    It's smart to file as soon as possible because many colleges' aid deadlines are in early to mid-February, and their reserves of grant money may have dwindled substantially by the time they actually stop accepting applications.
    The FAFSA requires copies of your previous year's tax return. If you don't have that ready, you can include a return with estimated numbers and update them when you get better numbers. 

    Top forms

    Your form will be sent to a federal center for processing. Once the numbers are crunched, you'll be sent a summary showing how much you're expected to contribute toward a college education. This is the figure your college will use as a starting point to build your financial aid application.
    Many colleges require additional forms or information when handing out their own aid. Your college may require thePROFILE form, for example, which you'll be sending to the College Scholarship Service. 

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    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    How To Teach Children a Second Language Cullen's Abc's

    Monday, June 25, 2012

    VV 31 - English Vocabulary for Supply Chain Management 2

    Donald Patnaude (ajarn) on

    Donald Patnaude (ajarn) on

    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    MapQuest Routed Over 300-Billion Miles In-6-Months

    MapQuest Stats will Blow Your Mind
    From: MapQuest Via: Chattanooga Mitsubishi

    Don’t know about you, but we here at MapQuest have found infographics – or “data eye-candy” – to be a much more interesting way of visualizing the billions of data points we evaluate instead of the standard spreadsheet.  With more than 36 million* people searching for maps, directions, and places such as restaurants, airports, hotels and top brands every month, data is something we have a lot of and it says a lot about what’s interesting to you.  So, we wanted to show some of the more interesting information about what people are doing on MapQuest.  Click here or on the infographic image below for the full size.
    We even used our big data and what we know about where people like to go to create our latest local discovery product, MapQuest Vibe.   If you haven’t had a chance to download one of the top free travel apps in the iPhone store, go to or search for mqvibe in the iPhone store to help you find cool neighborhoods and the best restaurants, bars, and shopping wherever you are traveling.
    We hope you enjoy this look at what’s happening on MapQuest!  If you have any questions or would like additional about the infographic, please contact Anke Corbin at

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