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My Kind of Town Bangkok/Chicago Blizzard cuts power as deep freeze sets in - Weather -

Blizzard cuts power as deep freeze sets in - Weather - msnbc.comVisit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyAjarn Donald enjoying a nice cold Beer at home in Bangkok.

Ajarn Donald Says it is to Early to Tell But is it Within Thailand’s Future Reach? Foreign Teachers get the go to start a Union

ESL Daily: Korea: Heads Up, Foreign Teachers get the go to start a UnionA labor union comprised of native English teachers working for a language institute or "hagwon" has been established in Incheon, a legal expert on labor representing them said Tuesday.
This is the second teachers' union, said Jung Bong-soo. The first one was established in 2005 in Gangam, southern Seoul, according to the Ministry of Labor.
Jung said five native English teachers at a private language institute in Incheon were given approval to establish the union by a ward office on Nov. 24.
The union, headed by Evan Lloyd from the United States, has nine members, he said. Native English teachers belonging to the institute are eligible to join, he added. The union head was unable to be immediately reached for comment.
A pattern of "unlawful" behavior by the employer - unpaid overtime and threats of dismissal - drove them to unionize, Jung said.
The five founding members decided to set up the…

Blizzard hits Chicago; mass outages feared - Weather -

Blizzard hits Chicago; mass outages feared - Weather - msnbc.comI just did a quick check of the weather in Chicago & Bangkok and as of 8:00A.M. Wednesday February 2nd, 2011 Bangkok time it is 72 F. sunny and outright nice. In Chicago however a little different situation. 22 F. with winds 50-60 miles per hour and right in the middle of a BIG snowstorm with a possible of 2 feet or more expected before it’s all over. So far about 6,000 flights have been cancelled. Schools are closed. Students are sad. 

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