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English: Repartition map of the languages over the world (version blank of key). See File:Languages world map.svg for full description. Esperanto: Mapo de la etendo de la lingvoj en la mondo (senpriskriba versio) Français : Carte de la répartition des langues dans le monde (version vierge de légende) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Language Training Programs for Business, Individual & Groups 

Ajarn Donald's Educational Services is pleased to provide global corporations, employees and expatriate assignees customized foreign language training. Training is available in the home or office, and is scheduled according to the student's availability. Our proficiency-based approach accommodates a variety of learning styles and instructional techniques, and focuses on building speaking proficiency in the target language.

Our Method

Ajarn Donald's has adopted the "proficiency-based approach" to language learning. Proficiency-based instruction emphasizes personalized, student-directed instruction with the teacher as the facilitator. The proficiency-based approach teaches students to speak in the language, not speak about the language.

Together with their instructor, students are given the flexibility to identify and evaluate their language goals, while focusing on specific areas of interest. This flexibility allows our students to effectively engage in their own language training style, resulting in the successful acquisition of language proficiency that is so vital in today's global market.
In order to help us maintain the highest quality standards, Ajarn Donald's Educational Services requires that our instructors have:
  • Native proficiency in the target language.
  • Considerable language teaching or private tutoring experience; instructors with corporate client experience are given preference.
  • A college-level degree in the target language or an equivalent education.
  • Professional references, which are carefully checked.
  • Samples of previous curriculum and training development.
Training & Evaluation
  • Instructors are trained in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and Principals, Global LT Instructional Philosophy, Code of Conduct, Oral Proficiency Interview, and Course Development/Curriculum specific to his/her target language.
  • Our Teacher Website gives our instructors the opportunity to share ideas and discuss strategies for providing customized language lessons according to the principles of the proficiency-based approach. This ensures that consistent quality is maintained in our program delivery models around the globe.
  • Language instructors are evaluated by their students on their preparation, professionalism and effectiveness in teaching throughout their program.
  • Language instructors are evaluated regularly by our language training department staff. 

Language Training Courses for Children of Expatriates   

Ajarn Donald's offers language training programs for expatriate children of all ages. Because our programs and instructors are flexible in their teaching styles and approaches, programs are customized to be effective for children, teenagers and young adults. Children absorb new languages much faster than adult learners, and will gain many new language skills throughout their school day by interacting with local children in their new location.

Our instructors make our children's programs fun and interactive while drawing on the child's own interests and giving him/her the opportunity to speak, hear, and interact with the instructor. Illustrated books, music and games are used to stimulate discussion and the child's interest in the topics covered.

With this approach, the teacher promotes language acquisition for later academic learning. Vocabulary and reading skills, including sound awareness and letter-sound relationships, are also developed in this program.

Language Training: Spouse or Partner Program

Ajarn Donald's programs are appropriate for the trailing spouse or partner. The international assignee or working spouse/partner may need to focus more on business language; whereas a training curriculum for a non-working trailing spouse/partner may be customized with a concentration on day-to-day life, in order to help in the assimilation process.

Many times, language training programs often extend over the course of several months to a year, and the tutor serves as ongoing support to the family for the duration of the training.

Ajarn Donald's recommends our standard 100-hour program for the spouse or partner of a relocating employee. After 100-hours of instruction, the student should be able to perform most of the following functions: 
  • Use greetings, salutations and expressions of courtesy in social and professional situations.
  • Understand and respond to requests for individual and family biographical information: names, relationships, nationalities and occupations.
  • Utilize numbers to understand prices, dates, times and telephone numbers.
  • Ask and tell the time of day and express dates: days of the week, months and seasons.
  • Use simple phrases to accomplish everyday activities: ask directions, make phone calls, purchase postage, buy groceries and clothing, order food in a restaurant and exchange currency.
  • Explain basic symptoms to a doctor using rehearsed words and expressions.
  • Ask and answer simple questions relating to personal experience: hobbies, homes, school, weather, etc.
  • Entertain foreign visitors, order food, and discuss cultural differences.

Language Training: Business Program

Ajarn Donald's business programs are designed for learners of all levels. Whether you already have the basic knowledge and basic communication skills in the target language or are starting fresh Ajarn Donald's can help.

Our business language training courses are geared to assist students in becoming proficient in writing and/or conversation within a business environment. Students will be able to satisfy their immediate needs through comprehension and production of learned material in the target language.

Our courses address specific business-related elements of grammar and sentence structure, including, but not limited to: telephone etiquette, written correspondence and presentation skills.

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