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Review: Mind Blowing Science Kit by Scientific Explorer

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xFiverr's User Protection PolicyAt Fiverr, user information is always kept private and secure, our users can choose to remain anonymous even when paying or getting paid.Buyers and sellers are entitled to cancel orders that have not been delivered successfully, on time, or at all.Fiverr will do its best to protect sellers against user misbehavior, including removal of false feedback or ratings left by other sellers. We invest a lot of effort in making sure that untrusted people stay away from Fiverr. Fiverr provides 24x7 customer support services to assist you with account issues, orders and any type of problem with the site. Our team of moderators constantly monitor and clean Fiverr, removing poor quality and improper content, spammers and other wrong doers.Poor quality sellers hurt the community and first and foremost other great sellers. That said, if you are a seller and your account has been restricted, you will be able to withdraw your cleared earnings.All subject to our Term…

Relax! the U.S. Will Reach a Compromise Before the Deadline

Relax! What's with all the fuss? This is just politics at its worst. Nothing new or different. Negotiations and compromises have failed miserably. Now it's time for the President to use his last ditch chance card (and already proven successful in the past in a different crisis) to call on all lawmakers to: Well you already know!!!

After all, let's look at the facts! We've been to war over tea, oil and weapons of mass destruction that never existed in Iraq. We have never been to war over beer as of yet.

So I personally urge President Barack Obama to summon all Congressional members to the White House for an emergency debt-limit bill Beer & Peanut summit. Oh ya and tell everyone to bring their own beer and peanuts.

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Digg: Frontpage NewsAjarn Donald's Digg: Frontpage NewsWelcome to Digg! You're looking at My News, your home for your news. Personalize stories by following other Diggers: the stories they Digg and comment on will appear here. Find suggested people to follow on our Find People page or discover existing friends from your existing Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts. To learn about My News, Top News, how how Digg works, take a trip to the "What is Digg" page on our About site! Now grow your following by telling your friends you're on Digg!Arm Yourself With this Mass Effect 3 N7 Rifle IRL [PIC]It might not shoot real bullets, but you can always make 'pew-pew' noises with it.How Small Businesses Cash in on County Fairs (Graphic)The summer months are designed for community activities. Families escape the heat at the local pool,...Scientists Say Earth Killed Her Beloved Dinosaurs With Oceans of LavaIt wasn't just an asteroid come down from the heavens to…

Ajarn Donald's Blog: Thai Official provided extensive lobbying services on behalf of Diageo and DT


Empire State Building: Made by Hand - Photo Gallery - LIFE

Kalim Kinetic Art Fair


George Halvorson - CEO & Chairman Kaiser Permanente - Culture and the Customer

Tango Argentina in Saigon - Alice: Tango workshop with Matt - Tango instructor from B...

Tango Argentina in Saigon - Alice: Tango workshop with Matt - Tango instructor from B...: "Date: Friday 22 July 2011 and 29 July 2011 Time: 7pm to 8pm Venue: Press Cafe - 14 Alexandre De Rhodes, District 1, (Opposite to Reunifica..."

Bangkok Post : Local laws need retooling

Bangkok Post : Students present vision to cut traffic

ASEAN adjustment pains

No jail for mom whose son died jaywalking with her - TODAY People -

We are hiring sales representatives to sell our ESL/EFL programs to schools and households. Requirements must be Thai nationality, have basic English skills, have a car & a notebook/laptop computer. | LinkedIn

Free Reading Report: 10 Tips to Get Your Child to Love Reading

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Minnesota update: Govt comes back to life

Huge Insult To Native English Speaking Teachers In Thailand

What is wrong with this job ad? I copied this employment advertisement from a website in Bangkok that has ads for teachers looking for teaching jobs in Thailand.
Please take a look at the salary for this Full-Time Head English Teacher position.
Please also take a good look at the requirements of this position.
What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion especially since recently there has been lots of talk about this topic on many forums in Thailand about companies/schools who have the nerve to place advertisements like this and insult good qualified, highly motivated native English speaking teachers. Let me know what you think and while your at it let this employer know what you really think.

Unisearch Study Centres Bangkok (Thailand) At least 15,000 Baht/month

Send Resume to:

Full Time Head English Teacher
Unisearch Study Centres, premier boutique language centres in Bangkok, are always expanding and looking for quality individuals to ad…

Experiences that last a lifetime - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Aust...


Teacher shot in face as students brawl

Teen dies, police raid bus in latest violence

Something is wrong with Thailand's laws/punishment and need to be corrected very quickly.
(Nonthaburi police chief Surachai Suepsuk said the current punishment for student brawls, fining those in possession of weapons 100 baht each and informing their schools and parents, was not enough to curb student violence).

A teacher was shot in the face as he tried to stop a brawl among 50 vocational students yesterday morning at a crowded bus stop in Nonthaburi, police said.

Wichian Patchakhiao of the Army Transportation Engineering School sustained a wound below his eye after a student fired a pen gun, a single-shot weapon, during a clash between students from two schools. Police said 17 students from Phraramhok Technology School and Nakornluang Polytechnic College were arrested at the scene of the clash in front of Karun Sueksa School in Muang district. The pen gun attacker escaped.

Police seized 21 knives, an axe and a home-made ping pong …

Bangkok Post : Keep an eye on moles, as your beauty mark could be a cancerous spark

Win an IPhone learning English


Bangkok Post : Cambodia FM protests US charge

Bangkok Post : Royal jet released

The Best Way to Introduce Yourself | BNET

Bangkok Post : Kasit off to Germany to retrieve royal jet

The Eagle Lands

Utah’s Liquor Laws - Relaxed, but Still Peculiar -

Business Profile Preview

Personalized Beer Recommendations | Pintley

Ambassador - U.S. Embassy Bangkok, Thailand

Supawan's the Best In the Whole World

Animoto - Supawan's the Best In the Whole World

G-Team Sponsorship Application

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My New House (I WISH hahaha).


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Tesco celebrates Clubcard anniversary

Tesco Lotus today celebrates the first anniversary of Clubcard in Thailand. Some Bt400 million in cash vouchers and Bt600 million worth of product coupons were distributed during the year. Over 5 million customers now use the card, making about 10 million transactions every month. They represent 20 per cent of all members worldwide. Tesco aims to sign up 7 million members by year-end. Chris Bush, (right in the photo), Tesco Lotus CEO, said "The past year has been tough for our customers, but they have stuck by us, choosing to spend their well earned money with Tesco Lotus because they know we give them the lowest prices, consistently, across the store, day in day out. This loyalty though can never be taken for granted. Clubcard is quite simply our way of saying "Thank you", putting real value back into their wallets and is our tried and tested way to earn their lifetime loyalty". "It's been an exciting year with many new initiatives giving value straight b…

Sleep apnea: 7 Hidden Dangers

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Video 101: Choosing a Camera on Vimeo

Classroom Tech Learning, Education, PC, Mac, iPad, Bloom’s Taxonomy –

CIA Museum Tour — Central Intelligence Agency

How commercial airplanes SHOULD be laid out - The Oatmeal

How to Break the Rules at Work — And Still Succeed | BNET

(1) Twitter / Search - #KnowsMeBest

Lose It 4 Good

Lose It 4 GoodMany of us have more than a bit of weight to lose, but lack the motivation to do anything about it, even though we know that our extra weight is slowly killing us through diabetes, high blood pressure, wear and tear on joints, heart disease, and a bunch of other ways that we really try and ignore. Our families and friends stand helplessly by waiting for the day to come when we either decide to help ourselves or drop dead far too soon.Lose It 4 Good has been set up as a win-win self-help network to encourage people to get healthier while raising money for the Village Development Partnership, an initiative that has set up over 400 community-scale banks that extends micro-credit across Thailand and the region.Taking inspiration from television’s The Biggest Loser, a group of expatriates based in Bangkok, Thailand has formed a team dedicated to losing as much weight as possible from 1 July through 1 December 2011.  We are approaching family, friends, colleagues, companies an…

Music of Thailand

In a country where the most revered ritual in classical music pays homage to music teachers, it comes as no surprise that music is a fundamental part of culture and society in Thailand. The name of this country means "land of the free," and it is the only country in Asia never colonized by Europe. It is located in Southeast Asia and bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Most of the population is Thai (75%), but there are minority groups of Malays, Chinese, Laotians, Hmong, and others.

Education is prized in Thailand-98 percent of school-age children attend school and 96 percent of the population is literate. Music is an important part of children's education as well, and many Thai people can play one or two traditional Thai instruments. Folk and classical music form the foundation of traditional music culture in Thailand, and although they have been partially eclipsed by popular music of late, they still play an important role more broadly in Thai culture.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 07/10/2011


3 ways to ruin your holiday in Thailand - travel tips and articles - Lonely Planet

Around the world in 130 wines – Lonely Planet blog

Ajarn Donald's (Never Before Seen With Human Eyes) Photos


Real English LINKS--ESL Videos and Lessons

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U.S. Is Deferring Millions in Pakistani Military Aid -

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Reading Phonics & Spelling Programs

New ClickN Read Phonics and ClickN Spell 2 - Great Programs 1 - Super Special Promotion. Please call 089-201-1680
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