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English-Attack! Thailand For Independent Teachers

Private English Lessons
Many teachers of English use English Attack! as a resource with their learners during one-to-one or small-group lessons.
The format and currency of the learning units (video-based exercises, games and visual dictionaries) refresh learner motivation with each new session and favor productive teacher-student communication during the lesson.
English Attack! is also highly effective when used with autonomous learners, who can prepare for a given lesson using the resource and then review it afterwords.

Subscription to English Attack! via an Independent Teacher Booster Pass gives you access to exclusive tools for use with your learners in one-to-one or small group lessons.

English Attack! and Private Lessons
Pedagogy tips
A learner can prepare for a lesson by getting familiar with a given topic via a video on the site (for example, a film clip or news item).
Before the lesson, the learner can work through the Video Booster (interactive video exercise) associated with th…

English-Attack! Thailand For Education

Schools, universities, language institutes
You can use English Attack! learning units - video exercises, visual dictionaries and practice games - with your learners both in the classroom as well as for out-of-class learning.
The wide range of content categories and difficulty levels available on English Attack! makes it an ideal complementary English learning resource for students in Middle School through to secondary and university-level education, as well as for those enrolled in language institutes.
A deep and constantly expanding catalog of contextual exercises allows the learner to evolve English language proficiency over the course of his or her education. The format and currency of the units (clips from films, news, music, etc) generates enthusiasm and motivation. English Attack! for Education consists of a Teachers and Schools Platform and special Education price plans. English Attack! is currently being used in schools, universities and language institutes throughout the worl…

English-Attack! Thailand For Companies

English for everyone

Beyond its status as the de-facto language of business, English is today a strategic resource at all levels of a company. Not only is it essential for employee mobility and evolution, but it is also the dominant language of the internet, of technical documentation and, more generally, of information and knowledge. With the growing importance of international clients and markets, the ability to do business in English has become a key competitive and commercial company asset. Contrary to other forms of English language training (study trips, courses, or conventional "e-learning" for example), the low per-user cost of English Attack! allows it to be deployed right across all levels of any organization. The accessibility and attractiveness of our digital immersion content ensures that employees truly engage with their training, thus guaranteeing effective language learning. The English Attack! solution for companies consists of a dedicated learning platform …

Ajarn Donald's Newsletter March 2013

Ajarn Donald's, founded in 2001, has been a leading English Language Service business for over 12-years. Our mission is to provide best Online Interactive language services to students, families, teachers, schools, universities, English language centers and to companies through out Thailand and Southeast Asia. We are headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand with an office located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Together, we successfully fulfill our clients' requests. Ajarn Donald's English Language Services is owned by Donald Patnaude and Supawan Inbunna. Donald Patnaude who is from Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. has more than 20-years experience in business including 12-years in English Language Services. He has been to 14-countries (mostly in Southeast Asia). Supawan Inbunna who is Thai, has more than 20-years experience in business including about 12-years in English Education. We offer clients three key advantages which distinguish us from others and provide clients added value:
This week's featured Free Learning Units Free Video Booster: A video exercise based on the clip of "Evanora vs. Theodora" from Oz The Great And Powerful. A 6-step interactive lesson to help you improve your English.
Learn new words and expressions including impostorin league, andoaf, and practice them with Swap Mania and Word Rescue games. Play Now Free Photo Vocab: A visual dictionary about Parts Of The Body. Learn 16 new words and expressions on this theme, each with an illustration, definition, sample sentence, and audio file for correct pronunciation.
Practice this vocabulary with Swap ManiaWord Rescue and Speed Pix games. Play Now