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Ajarn Donald thinks the best advice is to call a plumber if you have a code leak: Facebook Briefly Shuts Down After Code Leak | Epicenter |

Facebook Briefly Shuts Down After Code Leak | Epicenter | Wired.comNow just look at his eyes. Let this be a lesson to all you wealthy young people out there. Finish school and become a plumber so you know exactly how to fix those dam code leaks.   Well we finally got this code leak fixed. I don’t see any more codes leaking from my computer. Now time for a nice cold      and some . Oh before I forget!

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Oriflame Thailand - 114383: Oriflame cosmetics business from Europe: index call. 0870295008 (Chonlada key sea).

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Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!


Dec. 8, 1993: Location, Location, Location | This Day In Tech | Ummm! Where is Ajarn Donald?

Dec. 8, 1993: Location, Location, Location | This Day In Tech | Wired.comHey with this Global Positioning System I will find me.

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New Year 2011 and a New Course at Ajarn Donald’s Oxford University Press - Q Skills for Success

Oxford University Press - Q Skills for SuccessThe new paired-skills EAP course that connects critical thinking, language skills, and student learning outcomes.Q Skills for Success encourages students to think critically and succeed academically.
Q’s question-centred approach provides a unique critical thinking framework for each unit. This develops key cognitive skills such as analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating—as well as developing the language skills essential for academic success.
Learning outcomes are clearly stated at the start and end of the units, with competency self-evaluations and vocabulary check lists featuring the Academic Word List. This enables teachers to define learning outcomes effectively to accreditation bodies.    T his course is available now and only available for private students and groups. Please call 089-201-1680 for more information and to receive our special promotion on this new course.

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Ajarn Donald says Elizabeth Edwards' cancer takes turn for the worse - TODAY People - I will continue to pray for her and her family

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milk of magnesia constipation - Milk of Magnesia Constipation The Ultimate Treatment

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฿1,000 to spend on massage, spa or beauty treatment for just ฿375

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Lower GI Colonoscopy


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Win a 4-day adventure-trip to Angkor Wat worth $800

This Looks Like a Minature 911 In Korea and the Main Problem is a Democrat President

Obama: U.S. will defend South Korea - World news - Asia-Pacific - North Korea - msnbc.comAjarn Donald reminds the world about the sinking of a South Korean ship an our weak Democrat Obama does next to nothing.

Ajarn Donald would like to recommend this site for all the families with young children

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Family members of suspected terrorist jailed for hiding fugitive

Just The Thing For Ajarn Donald Online Shopping So He Will Feel Less Lonely

How Social Media Can Make Online Shopping Less LonelyI’m sorry but I do not know how this shopping online is going to make me less lonely. I do believe it will make me more fat, poor and depress because I wont have any more money and then because I do not have anymore money because I spent it shopping online then I wont have any friends. No money no honey. Right???

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I just knew if you look around the escalators that you may find a few good Thai people.

Bangkok Post Forum • View topic - Farang cannot know Thai-nessWho says there are many not so good Thai people on this train? ummm!

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Ajarn Donald Believes Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya is a Bit Confused: Russia understands Bout's extradition, Kasit

Russia understands Bout's extradition, Kasit   (Please click here)   Moscow – Russia reacted furiously Tuesday to news that former Soviet air force officer Viktor Bout, dubbed the "Merchant of Death" for his alleged global arms dealing, was hastily plucked from the maximum security Bangkok prison from which he's been fending off extradition efforts for more than two years, and bundled onto a plane bound for the United States. Mr. Bout's extradition had been imminent since August, when a Thai court ruled that he could be sent to the US to face charges of gun running and abetting terrorism. Russia, which decries the prosecution of Bout as "politically motivated," had been pressing Thailand behind the scenes to resist US demands for Bout's extradition. Russian media on Tuesday broadcast an interview with Bout's wife Alla, who said she and Russian officials were deceived about the Thai government's intentions toward her husband. "The ope…

You Shouldn’t Play With Guns


Tutoring a Big Hit Because of Education’s Failure Here in Thailand.


Have you ever wondered exactly how a Tsunami happens? Have a look at this.

Free Technology for Teachers: Scribblar Adds Support for PPT Whiteboarding

body parts - English vocabulary lessons


Very Interesting! I do think teachers should be allowed to use social networks as long as it is for the only purpose of teaching students. Facebook and Hi5 should not be allowed because I see very little if any educational value to the students.


Staying in his room on the third floor???

Norwegian jumps to death from Phuket hotelAbout a half a year ago a foreigner fell from his balcony with frootprints on the railings. Umm!!!

Here is another screw up in the Thai government and the PM is part the blame and the solution.

Bout - enjoying his stay in Thailand?The next question is who will they decide to piss off? Many countries are not taking it so light that terrorist activities are on a rise. Thailand has basically done very little to help combat global terrorism and the U.S. and Moscow are closely watching who will be the winner/looser. They do not care about borders, religion or nationalities etc. I for one hope the Thai PM will soon understand and realize this isn’t a game. Release him to American authorities and let him have his day in a free court system and not one like in a country when the elected government is over thrown by the military (in 2006 a good thing my opinion) but clearly no fair and free democracy here.

I am not really an American Education historian but I can reach and define the core issues that plague American Public Education. Politics and greedy politicians. Please vote for Ajarn Donald for President 2012 to solve this problem once and for all. God Bless America


Let’s See! I’ve moved from the U.S.A.–Thailand, I’ve slowed down a lot (almost like a statue) and I think about playing…

Update: Let’s move, slow down, innovate, think and play | SharpBrainsWell 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. Ajarn Donald’s results doesn’t = sharp brains.

I love beer!

Elite 8 Beers Set in Wired Beer Tournament | PlaybookHello to all you beer lovers out there. This one has to surely get some attention from some of my friends out here in Thailand. This would also be a great time to remember what the Loy Kratong holiday (Thai Holiday or Celebration) is really all about. Happy Loy Kratong & safe beer drinking to everyone.

The Safe way for Students to Search the Web

How to Search the WebI highly recommend Dulcinea Media, Inc. for your school!

I believe all public schools worldwide need R&D

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Stay away from spruz.comAjarn Donald'sFunny thing. I signed up for a free website from on 30/10/2010. My general impression is they have some great tools and lots of resources available. Their management team sucks or maybe they’re just inexperienced and stupid or all the above. Here is the message that appeared when I logged in on Sunday 07/11/2010. You have 27 days remaining before you must purchase a plan.Sorry, but we no longer offer free websites for your region. You have 27 days to purchase a plan or locate other free hosting. Questions? Read our blog post about this. Ready to Upgrade? Upgrade TodayThe bottom line is nothing is free!I must say even was more professional about there change in pricing by giving many months notice and then coming up with some alternatives to help offset the monthly fees. Why would offer free websites when they know one month later it will not be free and you will have to pay? I guess I mean why not say this up front…

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Report: Masked Man Tricked His Way Onto Air Canada Jetliner

I am almost 50 years old and how I would like to look more like 30.Report: Masked Man Tricked His Way Onto Air Canada Jetliner

Costco's the Best Retail Store for Glasses, but You'll Still Save Loads Online

I guess I will be going to Costco soon for my new glasses.Costco's the Best Retail Store for Glasses, but You'll Still Save Loads Online

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This is what I need now and that is a new liver.Search Results for science | DVICE

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A Child’s and Teenager’s BrainEducation & Lifelong Learning | SharpBrains

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