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English-Attack! Thailand 200,000 Awesome!

Thanks to all our fans! We love you! Keep boosting your English with the best, most current online entertainment: movies, music, news, games, friends!

English Attack! is a totally new approach to learning English, developed by media and videogaming experts in collaboration with researchers in cognitive neuroscience.

Our innovative learning method combines videos, photos, games and social networking for a daily English workout.

It's fun and effective. Once you try it, you won't want to learn any other way.

English-Attack! Thailand

Supawan Inbunna 088-249-4917

Donald Patnaude 081-855-2701

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Supawan Inbunna Visits English-Attack! Head Office In Paris

Published on Feb 3, 2014 Supawan Inbunna visits the head office of English-Attack! in Paris. She gets the chance to meet Paul Maglione, Frederic Tibout, Gabriel Radic and the other employees. She was given a personal tour of the English-Attack! operation. Supawan even exchanged a few gifts with the team. She was able to reaffirm her and Donald's plans to try and market English-Attack! 2.0 Platform to all of Thailand so that Thai people will have an easier and more affordable way to learn/improve their English language skills.
English-Attack Thailand

Supawan Inbunna โทร. 088-249-4917

Donald Patnaude โทร. 081-855-2701
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