Special Holiday Gifts

When ever giving gifts to someone for any occasion, follow these 3-senseable tips. 

Tip No.1 Your gift doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Actually the best gifts in general are the inexpensive ones. 

Tip No.2 Think about the color green when you are trying to choose the right gift for someone. Think of the environment, nature and health. 

Tip No.3 Ever since I was a little boy (that was a long long time ago) I grew up thinking and believing, that if you bought a gift that was some how connected to education, then it just had to be useful. Not like all those nutty fruitcakes you see donated at a near by shelter every year. 

Well, I must say I do have the perfect answer. It's called ClickN Kids which is the name of the No.1 company in the world, producing the ClickN Read Phonics Program and the ClickN Spell programs. 

Both Programs are web based, so this means you can use the programs 24-hours a day/7-days a week when ever you want and you can use these programs anywhere in the world you want, you just need a computer and Internet access and then login with your username and password. No books, CD's or other physcial products so that means these programs are economically safe for our environment. Furthermore these programs are good for life (I like the sound of this) meaning to say when one child is completely finished using these programs, you can delete that child and add another child free of charge (something like recycling). 

Please note: Ajarn Donald's English Language service is an authorized agent for ClickN Kids in Thailand and Southeast Asia. http://ajarn-donald.webs.com 


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