Executive Assistant for a Professional Education Association

ThaiSim: The Thai Simulation and Gaming Association (TS)


This a great opportunity for a university staff or teacher to become involved with a young, dynamic association at the forefront of educational innovation in Thailand, and to earn some extra money.

The Executive Assistant will report to the TS General Secretary and other designated TS personnel.

This is a part-time position, requiring flexibility in work hours.  Some weeks the work load will be minimal, for other weeks the load will be higher.  Between now and end of April, approximately 100 (± 20) hours of work will be needed – about 2.5 hrs/week on average.  Continuation beyond April will depend on:

Performance until April;
Raising of funds between now and April.
Main triple purpose of job:

To perform general administrative and academic duties and provide support to the General Secretary as required.
To market both the association and its conferences, both inside Thailand and abroad.
To raise funds for the association (sponsors include companies, agencies, government orgs).
Place of work & tools:

The person will be able to work in the place of their choice (at work, at home, …).  The person will need a computer in good working order, and a reasonable internet connection (medium speed DSL).

Do not be discouraged by the length of this announcement, which describes the ideal candidate.  We realize that the candidate will learn on and grow with the job.

Duties include:

Answering general queries by telephone.
Photocopying and scanning documents (to send by email).
Sorting and responding to routine email.
Obtaining information from the internet.
Maintaining records, filing systems and computer files.
Assisting administrative officers as necessary.
Undertaking any other tasks/duties as may be reasonably required.
Maintaining the TS web site.
Assisting with the conference programme (including administration of reviews), and with the proceedings.
Marketing the TS conference, both in Thailand and abroad.
Finding volunteers and chase up people who have volunteered.
Making contact with potential sponsors, and raising funds.
Reminding TS personnel of upcoming deadlines.
Preparing agendas for meetings; preparing action minutes.
Skills / experience:

The person should be at ease in English (as well as in Thai), capable of writing reasonably correct text (e.g., emails, brochures) in English.
Computer, word processing, web search, web page design skills are essential.
Able to be creative and take initiative in novel situations or with novel tasks to accomplish.
Know how to be sociable and use proper etiquette with international people.
Be responsible under all circumstances.
High reliability:  Do what they say, and say what they do.
Project management skills.  Good organizational skills, and proficiency in prioritizing assignments tocomplete work accurately and in a timely manner.
Ability to relate well to various constituencies including co-workers, faculty, staff, professionals, and companies.
Good interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
Self-motivation with the ability to make decisions independently.
Other skills needed to accomplish the above duties.
Knowledge and/or experience of educational simulation, serious games, role-play and similar experiential learning methods is a plus.
Reputation as a person with integrity.
Required Qualifications:

Have a full-time or principal position at an academic institution (preferably a university, preferably in the international relations office).  This job of TS Executive Assistant cannot be a main source of income.
Master’s Degree (Thailand or abroad).
Relevant experience with a proven history of success preferably in public relations, in raising funds for, and inmarketing an academic association.
Intermediate-level computer skills, including Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage).
Probable remuneration is in the region of 200 to 300 THB / hr, depending on qualifications and expertise of candidate. 

For more information about ThaiSim, go to http://www.thaisim.org/job.htm 

Applicants should send the following items:

One to two page CV (not more than two pages!), with passport sized photo.  Highlight the relevant items in light yellow.  Include complete contact details.

Filename must be:  ts-applic-2012_your-surname_CV.pdf  (ms word file not accepted)

Cover letter (not more than one page), indicating why the candidate is the best person for the job, and prioritizing what the candidate hopes to bring to the job.  Include two or three potential referees (with full contact details) and a few notes about your relationship to them.

Filename must be:  ts-applic-2012_your-surname_cover.pdf  (ms word file not accepted)

Attach the above to a short email, which you must send to all the following addresses:

-          songsri.ts |@| gmail.com

-          ppwarampa |@| hotmail.com

-          pthavikulwat |@| towson.edu

-          dpongchai |@| hotmail.com

-          crookall.ts  |@| gmail.com

We advise you to apply immediately.  Interviews will take place in the afternoon of Wed 15 Aug, 2012.  Preferred candidates will be invited to attend a workshop on educational games on Thurs 16 Aug (free admission), after which the final candidate will be chosen.  Interviewees are advised to make this day available.


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