This Week, We Feature Captain Philips On English Attack!

This week, we feature Captain Philips on English Attack! | English Attack! – English 2.0

Karaoke / Music: Pop
A SayWhat? game based on a video clip ofMiley Cyrus.
Improve your listening and comprehension skills with this addictive video karaoke game.


Definition in English:
a specialized boat which uses sea water to put out fires on other boats and ships, and on oil rigs or other facilities.


A visual dictionary on the topic Boats & Ships.
Learn 17 new words and expressions related to this topic. For every vocabulary item there is an illustration, a definition, its use in a sample sentence, and audio pronunciation.

Movies: Drama

An interactive exercise based on the video clip "Stay In Hiding" of Captain Philips.
In this clip from the film based on the true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in 200 years, Phillips (Tom Hanks) gives instructions to his crew once he realizes that the pirates have boarded his ship.

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