Supawan Inbunna Visits English-Attack! Head Office In Paris

Published on Feb 3, 2014
Supawan Inbunna visits the head office of English-Attack! in Paris. She gets the chance to meet Paul Maglione, Frederic Tibout, Gabriel Radic and the other employees. She was given a personal tour of the English-Attack! operation. Supawan even exchanged a few gifts with the team. She was able to reaffirm her and Donald's plans to try and market English-Attack! 2.0 Platform to all of Thailand so that Thai people will have an easier and more affordable way to learn/improve their English language skills.
English-Attack Thailand

Supawan Inbunna โทร. 088-249-4917

Donald Patnaude โทร. 081-855-2701
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