Saturday, November 29, 2014

Just Who Is This Guy?

These are just a few cool facts about me since my birth a long time ago. I just want to share them with you my friends. I have really had a great life which continues today. Best of all I have so many Awesome friends like you and I am grateful for this. Thanks for reading and it is OK to share it with your friends or your enemies. Always study hard and believe in yourself and not what others may think about you.

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Donald John Patnaude Jr. is the oldest son of Donald John Patnaude Sr. & Eunice M. Pellosmaa/Patnaude. Father Died age 52 May 20th, 1986. Mother died age 65 March 8th, 2003. Donald has 4-younger sisters and 1-younger brother.

Served in the U.S. Army 1982-1988. Boot camp at Ft. Dix N.J., Military occupation specialty (MOS) Ft. Gordon Georgia and stationed at the Quartermaster Corps. Ft. Lee Va. Honorable discharge 1988.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

30-Day FREE Trial of English Attack!

November Greetings to all Teachers of English in Thailand!
Schools in Thailand will be opening soon for the second semester, so we'd like to offer you and your school or education service the chance to start off the new semester with a full-scale 30-Day FREE Trial of the English Attack! online “entertainment immersion” language learning platform. Just click the link below and fill out the form, and we'll send you your Free Trial access codes.
English Attack! was designed as a complementary resource to classroom instruction. It differs from other online learning resources in that it generates strong learner engagement via language exercises based on over 1,000 short (1 to 3-minute) clips from current films and top-rated television seriesmusic videos; and short documentaries.
The service, which can be co-branded with your organization’s name and logo, also features hundreds of thematic visual dictionaries and a range of learning games, all within a motivational ecosystem featuring points, levels and badges to win. New learning units are published daily, meaning there is always something new for learners to do on the site.
To get started, just fill out the school information request form, letting us know (in the open text field) how many Free Trial access codes you need for yourself, your fellow teachers, or your fellow school or company administrators.
Upon request, the Free Trial can be extended to your learners – as many as you want, just let us know the number - for the same 30-day period.
Please Click Here to request your FREE 30-Day Trial.
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