Ajarn Donald Believes Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya is a Bit Confused: Russia understands Bout's extradition, Kasit


Russia understands Bout's extradition, Kasit   (Please click here)   Green with envy

Thailand US Arms Dealer


Moscow – Russia reacted furiously Tuesday to news that former Soviet air force officer Viktor Bout, dubbed the "Merchant of Death" for his alleged global arms dealing, was hastily plucked from the maximum security Bangkok prison from which he's been fending off extradition efforts for more than two years, and bundled onto a plane bound for the United States.

Mr. Bout's extradition had been imminent since August, when a Thai court ruled that he could be sent to the US to face charges of gun running and abetting terrorism.

Russia, which decries the prosecution of Bout as "politically motivated," had been pressing Thailand behind the scenes to resist US demands for Bout's extradition.

Russian media on Tuesday broadcast an interview with Bout's wife Alla, who said she and Russian officials were deceived about the Thai government's intentions toward her husband.

"The operation [to send him to the US] was secret," Mrs. Bout told the Russia Today network. "The cabinet ordered the extradition of Viktor Bout, even though the prime minister of Thailand had said that while court proceedings are ongoing, he wouldn’t be extradited.... He was shipped to the United States as if he was just a thing, without his documents and without the Russian embassy being informed. The operation was so quick because it is illegal under Thai law. I plan to appeal," she said.

Just kidding   This is why I do believe  Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya is a bit crazy confused.


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