English-Attack! Thailand Photo Vocab

FREE Photo Vocab For 4-10 March 2013


About Photo Vocabs

The human brain retains new knowledge much better if it is paired with visual imagery; if it is contextual; and if subsequent repeat exposures to the new information can be provided so that the knowledge moves from short-term to long-term memory.

That, in a nutshell, is the pedagogical foundation for Photo Vocabs: themed visual mini-glossaries that provide a dose of useful vocabulary (interpreted as not just associated words, but also expressions, acronyms, cultural references and slang) across a variety of subjects. A Photo Vocab can be about almost anything: a sport, a hobby, a city, an industry… anything that can be illustrated with photos and which uses vocabulary specific to the topic.

Each Photo Vocab item, beyond having its photographic illustration, is defined; used in a sample sentence; and has an audio file that can be listened to for the item's correct pronunciation.

Each Photo Vocab can then be "played" via a range of online games, allowing for ivaried repeat exposure to the vocabulary items, thus facilitating retention. Holders of a valid Booster Pass can, at any time, re-visit Photo Vocabs they have already seen and play a new series of games to refresh their recall of the items and of the subject as a whole.

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