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via You are now in control because you choose the day and time to study. You can study from your home or office because all you need is a computer and high-speed Internet connection. You also need a webcam and a microphone. Best of all it's affordable and there is nothing to download. The choice seems clear so why not call now because this offer WILL END 31/12/2011. Please call: 6689-201-1680 OR Click on the Paypal button Now. Thank you!

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Baby seal sneaks into NZ home, naps on couch

Baby seal sneaks into NZ home, naps on couch 1 Comments A seal pup had a risky adventure and gave Welcome Bay, New Zealand homeowner Annette Swoffer a scare on Thursday. According to New Zealand's Department of Conservation, the animal, nicknamed Lucky, broke into Swoffer's home through a cat door and decided to take a nap on her sofa. Swoffer told the Sydney Morning Herald that she first encountered the seal in her kitchen. After sniffing around and not finding anything to its liking - including her confused dog and cats - Lucky proceeded to waddle up her stairs, jump on her couch and take a nap. He was there 45 minutes later when a DOC ranger came to s

Blessing a New Home in Our Thai Village

A Thai Silk Weaver's New Home   All of us here at Thai Silk Magic get so excited when one of our weavers gets the chance to have a new home. We are always proud to be able to help improve our village lifestyles in some small way. The q via It is really a great feeling to go to and participate in a Blessing of a New home in Thailand. I’ve been to several and they are really fun to go to. This is actually my first time to see a Blessing of a house on video. This makes it more special to see this video and witness all the village people having a great time and participating. I will also pray for their happiness, success and safety in their new home and maybe a larger family too:) Peter you really do take some nice videos and soon your village will be more popular than Paris or New York!

Special Holiday Gifts

When ever giving gifts to someone for any occasion, follow these 3-senseable tips.  Tip No.1 Your gift doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Actually the best gifts in general are the inexpensive ones.  Tip No.2 Think about the color green when you are trying to choose the right gift for someone. Think of the environment, nature and health.  Tip No.3 Ever since I was a little boy (that was a long long time ago) I grew up thinking and believing, that if you bought a gift that was some how connected to education, then it just had to be useful. Not like all those nutty fruitcakes you see donated at a near by shelter every year.  Well, I must say I do have the perfect answer. It's called ClickN Kids which is the name of the No.1 company in the world, producing the ClickN Read Phonics Program and the ClickN Spell programs.  Both Programs are web based, so this means you can use the programs 24-hours a day/7-days a week when ever you want and you can use these programs anywhere

Thai Silk - FAQ about Thai Silk Part 2

More Frequently Asked Questions about Thai Silk   This is the second part in our series of FAQ and we hope you find it helpful and informative. We have frequently asked questions information on our website. However, we thought making a via This is really very nice and so informative. I personally learned a lot from this video.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Day 2: ClickN READ Phonics – 1 FREE Account - Clever Housewife | Clever Housewife

via Here are some ideas for the up coming holidays.

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Father's Day in a Thai Village

Father's Day - Thai Village Style   Celebrating Father's Day in a Thai village is quite different from most other father's days around the world. Although the dads are remembered on this day it is really more one of paying respect to the via Special Video which is very beautiful. Please watch it!

Duc Vuong Hotel - Travel - Koolred

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