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Ajarn Donald's English Languages Services

Founded in December 2001 by Donald Patnaude & Supawan Inbunna. Donald had just arrived in November 2001 for what was to be another vacation to Thailand. He ended up staying and teaching English , and now, 12+ years later, has taught the language to more than 6,500 people ages 3-60 years old (mostly teenagers and young adults). During this time he has worked for four private language centers, has taught for four years at three Thai government schools, and has provided consulting services on a wide range of educational topics for local schools and businesses. Today's Mission: Ajarn Donald's wants to be able to provide within the Kingdom of Thailand to every person who chooses to learn English the best educational products & services to meet their demands, ultimately leading to a successful and productive future in any professional, academic or personal capacity they desire. This also must be done without allowing limitations such as income, religion, nationality