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Tesol Greece 2014

Tesol Greece 2014 from English Attack! 1. VIDEO CLIPS What  We  Now  Know  About   Teaching  EFL  With   Paul  Maglione,  Co-­‐founder,  English  A@ack!     TESOL  Greece    2014     2. Why  Video?   •  Our  brains  are  wired  for  it  à  hunMng  /  danger                                 •  The   human  eye  is  a@racted  to  movement,  even   more  than  our  ears  are  to  sound                 •  Closest  to  life,  to  everyday  human  experience               TESOL  Greece  2014   3.   Explosion  of  social  networks,  online  services   and  new  content  is  making  video  a  BIG  part   of  our  everyday  lives.   TESOL  Greece  2014   4. New  devices  make  video  accessible     anywhere,  any  Mme.   5. Online  video  is  transforming  educaMon   For  anything  that  lasts   more  than  30  seconds   —  or  any  explana7on   —  it  makes  sense  to   ha

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Movies: Drama In this clip from the space drama Gravity, astronauts Matt Kowalski ( George Clooney ) and Dr. Ryan Stone ( Sandra Bullock ) and their crew are hit by orbiting debris from a broken satellite while working around their space shuttle , resulting in Dr. Stone becoming detached and drifting into space. KEY VOCABULARY FOR THIS VIDEO meteorological - retrieve - debris - abort - detach - permission - Houston - no-go Slang In New York City Learn  15  new words and expressions related to this topic. For every vocabulary item there is an illustration, a definition, its use in a sample sentence, and audio pronunciation. WORD OF THE WEEK:  MOOLAH Definition in English: Money English-Attack! Thailand Supawan Inbunna   088-249-4917 Donald Patnaude    081-855-2701 Related articles 197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know