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Presented By: Online Colleges Blog by  dustin bass April 25, 2012 Federal Reserve Chairman , Ben Bernanke , held a rare press conference today after a two-day meeting with the Federal Open Marketing Committee ( FOMC ) and said the inflation rate for the US should remain at or below 2% through the fourth quarter of 2014 and the unemployment should continue to decline.  Bernanke was positive about the inflation rate, but still considered the unemployment rate , currently at 8.2%, as elevated. He said the employment rate was still too large, but said the committee projected the rate could possibly reach 6.7% to 7.4% by the fourth quarter of 2014.  Where the unemployment rate stands currently, it has dropped nearly an entire percentage point over the course of a year, but bachelor’s degree holders unemployment rate has continued to increase. According to an  Associated Press report , 53% of bachelor’s degree graduates under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed.

ORAU Sponsoring Institutions Explore education Strategies To Bridge U.S. STEM Workforce Gap

ORAU Vice President Dr. Arlene Garrison introduces a panel discussion at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Council of Sponsoring Institutions. Panel members (left to right) Dr. Mark Leddy, National Science Foundation ; Dr. Susan Singer, Carleton College ; Dr. Donna Llewellyn, Georgia Institute of Technology ; Dr. Marion Usselman, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Dr. Adam Maltese, Indiana University. OAK RIDGE, Tenn. —More than 100 representatives from leading U.S. colleges and universities attended ORAU’s 67th Annual Meeting of the Council of Sponsoring Institutions for a two-day workshop focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, education. Speakers addressed curricular, funding and policy approaches to improve student performance and increase enrollment in STEM disciplines. “With a consortium of 105 Ph.D.-granting institutions, we knew we had an opportunity with this event to convene the right people to discuss how we could have a significant impact on

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Content Theater Examines KidVid, Cross-Platforms and Telenovelas

by John Merli TV TECHNOLOGY “Pajanimals” is an original short-form musical series produced by the Jim Henson Co. and 4KIDS Entertainment . Content is king this week at the aptly named Content Theater, sponsored by FremantleMedia , with today's schedule playing host to a number of sessions ranging from kid fare to the current global surge in telenovelas to delivering content targeted for consumption beyond traditional TV to a growing array of digital devices and services.  Thursday's lineup looks at a popular filmmaking competition and comedy videos on YouTube . "Content is critical as new media and new technologies are being created," said Daniel Tibbets, senior vice president of digital media at Bunim/Murray Productions in Van Nuys, Calif. Tibbets is a panelist in "Broadcasting Beyond Television," 10 a.m. "Content really is king. As a lot of tech companies create innovative ways for consumers to interact with new media, the question becomes, &#

Teaching Foreign Language Through Storytelling

Patrick Henry Elementary School student teacher Isabell Pfeufer listens carefully as students edit their book reports Oct. 2. Pfeufer, who has been blind since birth, completed a three-week practicum with the class in Heidelberg, Germany, in September and October. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Teacher in primary school in northern Laos (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Students working with a teacher at Albany Senior High School, New Zealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Storytelling (Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg ) By Jeanette Borich What is the best way to help students learn a second language ? Traditionally, teachers tackle the "how" of the language. Students learn a list of vocabulary , are introduced to various rules, produce language according to those rules, and are corrected as needed. This year I tried something different: using storytelling to help my 8th graders become more confident second-language (L2) learners. This method emphasizes the gradual acquisition of lan