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English-Attack's Booster Pass Arrives

Ajarn Donald's English Language Services is rolling out English-Attack's Booster Pass for 2013. On the English-Attack! website Booster Pass refers to an Unlimited Use of a Premium Subscription   English-Attack! Thailand Now Available is the Real Booster Pass which is guaranteed to be the most Affordable, Practical and Convenient way for people to learn/improve their English language skills. It is also a fun way to meet new friends from around Thailand or around the world who want to improve their English language skills too.  Donald Patnaude had this idea ever since becoming the Marketing Partner in Thailand for English-Attack back in August 2012. The English-Attack platform is an online interactive English learning software that users can use online 24-hours a day 7-days a week with new content being refreshed everyday. This program is suitable for all teenagers and adults. The problem is that most teens do not have a credit card to purchase a premium subscr

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The Future of Higher Education

Image Online courses began around 1990 with the growth of more widespread access to the Internet . They spread rapidly in the United States during the last half of the 1990’s buoyed by the dot-com boom , and fell sharply after that bubble burst. During this early period, online courses typically charged fees. Some of the courses catered to individuals who wanted to improve their job prospects, others were meant solely for intellectual enjoyment, while some could be used to obtain college degrees. For-profit schools with physical facilities, such as DeVry University and the University of Phoenix , were often sponsors of online courses, although a few of these courses were sponsored by nonprofit universities. What is new about the MOOCs (which stands for “massive open online courses”) is not the use of the Internet to instruct in particular subjects, but that they are free, and they often are sponsored by some of the very best universities, such as

Does General Education Matter?

Please include attribution to with this graphic. A college education does more than train you for a career.  It helps you develop intellectual skills that will enhance your professional, civic, and personal life for years to come.  You will learn how to analyze the world around you from different perspectives, how to communicate your ideas and understand the ideas of others, how to solve problems, and how to apply your knowledge to real-world projects.   Employers repeatedly tell us   that they value these skills in employees as much as or more than skills specific to their field.   This approach to learning is called liberal education .  In this usage, the word liberal refers to the ancient Roman word meaning “free, unrestricted.”  A liberal education is designed to introduce you to new ways of understanding and interacting with your world so you can think more freely and develop your abilities to their fullest potential.   Your liberal educati

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Most Educated Nations of the World

Presented By: College graduation rates continued to improve around the world during the recession, according to a recent international economic study. In more developed countries, the percentage of adults with the equivalent of a college degree rose to more than 30% in 2010. In the United States , it was more than 40%, which is among the highest percentages in the world. However, improvements in higher education are harder to achieve in these countries. More developed economies have had the most educated populations for some time. While these countries have steadily increased education rates, the increases have been modest compared to developing economies. At just above 1%, the U.S. has had one of the smallest annual growth rates for higher education since 1997. In Poland, an emerging market, the annualized rate was 7.2% from 1997 to 2010. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ’s (OECD)  Education at a Glance 2012  report calculated the

America’s Neglected Geniuses

Presented By: Please Include Attribution to Bachelor's Degree Online With This Graphic Harvard was missing something. Surrounded by peers at the annual Latino Ivy League Conference in Ithaca last November, Daniel J. Artiga ’15 came to this realization: As students active in the Latino community described the resources provided on their respective campuses, he had little to add. “Yale spoke, Brown spoke, they all had something great to say,” he remembers. But then it was Harvard’s turn. “The other delegates and I mentioned how it would be awkward beforehand, because we didn’t have a lot to say,” recalled Artiga, vice president of the Latino Men’s Collective. “But it didn’t hit me until I was actually sitting in a room listening to other students bragging about how well their Latino community is treated—and how ours is, I feel, neglected.” Harvard prides itself on being at the vanguard of new inquiry. Yet when it comes to the study and support of the nation’s—and higher educat

Popular Educational Twitter Hashtags

Compiled By: I heart Twitter. If you haven’t yet,  follow @edudemic  to keep up with what we’re doing, working on, and seeing (like last night’s tech event with GDGT in downtown Boston!). Twitter has become a massive hit in education and it’s too big to ignore. So that’s why we helped assemble the  2012 A-Z Guide To Twitter Hashtags . It’s been an invaluable resource for educators around the world. But that’s a very lengthy list. Lucky for you, our friends at Online College Courses  repurposed  our lengthy list and made it a whole lot less, well, difficult. The following visualization should be a handy resource for any teacher looking to make the dive into Twitter. Trust me, it’s a bit daunting but worth taking the plunge. Just  don’t be surprised if you become an addict ! Related articles A Quick Guide to Twitter Educational Hashtags How to Hashtag your Business? 25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter 10 Ways Teachers Can Use Twitter for Prof