Enough Is Enough! Here Comes Round 2 How Old Is To Old?

Sunday 04/09/2011 18:00 and I just finished making my rounds on the teacher sites here in Thailand. 
Some of you will remember that a while back I started a discussion about this very same topic on one
of the more popular websites. Oh ya and it did get a bit heated with some of the comments. Well I'm holding my own and I will get this heated up again. Out of 213 resumes 8 were for teachers 60-years old or older. That is a whopping 4%. The real sad part that gets me is these senior citizens know 100% for sure their own country/government schools would never hire them. So they decide to come here to Thailand to relax and retire but then they fall in love with a 24-year old woman who likes to drink and party all night long. 

Well my friends guess what? The last time I look that stuff all cost money. Oh ya!
So Mr. Senior Citizen must go out and find a job some how to keep Ms. Gig.
This is where I like to draw the _____________________________________.
If you are a foreigner age 60-years old or older, then be a tourist, a retired senior citizen
or maybe even a volunteer etc. Don't make a BIG fool out of yourself and the rest
of the qualified foreign teachers looking for work. Send your girlfriend out to work. 
On the other hand I'm sure there are many people over the age 60 who would make 
great teachers based on their previous experience. If you strongly feel you are one
of these persons then do a good deed and become a volunteer. To help you potential volunteers
out I've added some useful links and I stand ready to help and assist anyone who
may decide to take this route. Thanks for reading and as always I do respect 
your comments. 


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