English-Attack's Booster Pass Arrives

Ajarn Donald's English Language Services is rolling out English-Attack's Booster Pass for 2013. On the English-Attack! website Booster Pass refers to an Unlimited Use of a Premium Subscription English-Attack! Thailand

Now Available is the Real Booster Pass which is guaranteed to be the most Affordable, Practical and Convenient way for people to learn/improve their English language skills. It is also a fun way to meet new friends from around Thailand or around the world who want to improve their English language skills too. 

Donald Patnaude had this idea ever since becoming the Marketing Partner in Thailand for English-Attack back in August 2012. The English-Attack platform is an online interactive English learning software that users can use online 24-hours a day 7-days a week with new content being refreshed everyday. This program is suitable for all teenagers and adults. The problem is that most teens do not have a credit card to purchase a premium subscription on the website. Another problem is with adults who work very hard and then are forced to signup for a long period of time to learn English at some crowded language center. This can be very costly too. Therefore there is the Booster Pass solution. Save money and time and buy a 1-month subscription for a Booster Pass and use is anywhere in the world anytime you want. Just purchase the card (like a pre-paid calling card) and on the back side scratch the panel to see and enter the promo code onto our website  

มีPromo Codeหรือไม่ ถ้ามีใส่ที่นี่   Enter Code Here

This card is available to all schools, universities, language centers, groups, companies and shops who are currently reselling pre-paid calling cards. The minimum order is 20-cards at the wholesale price

Retailers earn a fair profit by purchasing the cards at wholesale and reselling them at retail. Users save money and time by purchasing these Booster Passes and it's the most affordable, practical, convenient and fun way to improve their English skills. 

For all inquiries relating to the wholesale purchasing of these Booster Passes please Email: Email English: Donald Patnaude or Call 081-855-2701         Thai Email: Supawan Inbunna or call 089-201-1680

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