Successful College Student’s Pyramid
Presented By: Online Colleges In recent years, reports about college students participating in pyramid selling are often seen in media and a number of colleges and universities have been involved in the "pyramid selling gate" incident. It has aroused accusation from the parents and concerns from the whole society and caused a very bad influence on both the image of contemporary college students and the reputation of colleges and universities. The momentum pyramid selling invading college has not been reversed effectively and thoroughly. How to train the students'ability and quality to prevent pyramid selling and consciously resist pyramid selling, and guide them to establish a scientific world outlook, outlook on life, values and the rule of law concept in order to prevent the pyramid selling from spreading in colleges and universities, is directly related to the college students'healthy growth, as well as the stability and harmonious development of universities and the society. It also has effect on the process of socialist modernization.This article is composed of three parts: introduction, text and conclusion. The text mainly consists of four chapters.After analysing and summarizing the relevant information and research methods and research results at home and abroad, we define the connotation and extension of pyramid selling in colleges and universities according to the results of actual survey and questionnaires and elaborate the development status of colleges and universities pyramid selling from general description, characteristics and hazard about pyramid selling in colleges and universities in the first part of the text. While the spread of pyramid selling in colleges and universities tends to slow, but the trend is still in local spread and also more subtle than before and mainly concentrated in private colleges and universities and vocational colleges. This section illustrates the six characters of pyramid selling in colleges and universities: grade, major, character trait and family, approach, college difference .College students participating in pyramid selling has caused a full-scale impact on university teaching and management, family and interpersonal relationships and even on social ethics.The second part of the text expounds subjective reasons why college students participate in Pyramid Selling based on induction of the characteristics of the pyramid selling and the related survey data analysis. It analyses the root-cause of pyramid selling spreading in colleges and universities from world outlook, outlook on life, values and the rule of law concept. We also discuss the role of "four outlooks" education in colleges and universities to prevent contemporary college students from being involved in pyramid selling from many aspects such as thought safeguard, value-orientation and law-ruling ideas, etc. The root of students participating in pyramid schemes lies in the contemporary university student groups, among which some students have been used by pyramid selling organizations because of their own weaknesses such as wrong"four outlooks"which lead to absence of ideals, beliefs and ethics.The third part is the emphasis of this article, which discusses the methods and measures to strengthen the education and guidance of college students'world outlook, outlook on life, values and rule of law concept, and to improve the cognitive ability, resistance ability, critical ability and management ability to keep college students away from pyramid selling. At the end of the paper, we make some proposals and countermeasures to prevent the spread of university pyramid selling, such as strengthening publicity and education, intensifying rational education, frustration education and employment guidance, ideals and beliefs and collectivism education, moral values education, core value and successful view education and perception of money education, law-related education and"anti-pyramid selling"cooperation mechanism, and so on.
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