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Are you an educator? Want to help your students develop global competencies through international collaborations? Become part of one of the largest global movements that inspire students around the world to learn, collaborate and work towards developing solutions to one of the most pressing environmental issues of all time.

DeforestACTION provides an array of educational resources that help students engage in meaningful, global collaborative problem-solving by exploring the global issue of deforestation.  Browse through the resources located in the left hand tabs.  These resources are designed to incorporate a variety of social media and online technology tools, allowing students to become empowered by taking real action on the planet they will inherit while cultivating 21st century skills like teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking.

  • Teacher Resources
     – Looking for quick ways to introduce DeforestACTION in the classroom? Check out these starter activities;
  • DeforestACTION Virtual Classroom, pre-populated with full-lesson plans and learning activities for primary and secondary level students;
  • Earthwatchers, where students can monitor the rainforests of Borneo through satellite imagery, mark changes in land patterns over a period of time, and report disturbances;
  • DeforestACTION Collaboration Centre, a space for students and youth to dialogue, blog, share photos, connect with the Eco Warriors (link) and collaborate with peers from around the world;
  • Online events, where students can hear from experts in the field, Eco-warriors and others around the world to collaboratively learn and discuss deforestation issues in real-time;
  • Action tools - learn how students can extend their learning by getting involved in other ways with DeforestACTION!  

  • DeforestACTION is a project of TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed).  TIGed hosts community of globally-minded educators interested in empowering their students to think and act as world citizens, a collection of resources that facilitate the inclusion of global perspectives in the classroom, and a virtual classroom that allows students to use collaborative technology in order to connect with people from around the world and learn about global issues.  For more information, visit

    Teachers: Sign up your school!
    By signing up to DeforestACTION below, you will automatically receive a School Hub and access to create a free online DeforestACTION Virtual Classroom to engage your students!

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