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Leah Kelley: Bio Notes…

30 Days of Autism is a project designed to promote social understanding and offer a glimpse into the perspectives of those whose lives are touched by ASD.

Leah Kelley: Most recently, I have presented on Autism and Literacy Strategies for Perspective Taking for the BCTELA (BC Teachers of English Language Arts) Provincial Conference, as well as for Simon Fraser University Teacher’s SDL (Supporting Diverse Learners) Graduate Diploma Program. I have also presented Autism and Perspective Taking within my own school district, in addition to facilitating other inservice opportunities for educators. 

In September 2011 I became a part of the instructional team forSimon Fraser University’s Graduate Field Studies Program “Supporting Diverse Learners.”  I am excited about the opportunity to work in a mentorship role with teachers to support them in building their understanding(s) and capacities within the teacher research paradigm and for their own work to support the diverse needs of students that are present in our schools.

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