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The International Space Station as seen in its...The International Space Station as seen in its ULF3 configuration by the departing Space Shuttle Atlantis, following the departure of STS-129, which delivered ExPRESS Logistics Carriers 1 & 2 to the orbital outpost. The newly-arrived Russian Poisk module is also visible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We challenged you to come up with ideas for space science experiments. Your votes and our panel of expert judges selected the winners from thousands of entries. At a special event for the six regional winning teams in Washington, D.C., we announced the two global winners whose experiment will be going to space. 


The two teams will have their experiments sent to the International Space Station and beamed live to Earth on YouTube.
Discover the science behind their ideas and the story of their journey.


YouTube Space Lab is about space. We believe that space is more exciting and accessible than ever. On this channel, you can discover space by watching the amazing videos we find from across YouTube.
We challenged you to come up with an experiment which could be performed in space, along with other great prizes. Thousands of young scientists entered and people all over the world voted on our 60 finalists. In March, we'll announce the global winners whose experiments will be performed by NASA aboard the International Space Station and live stream on YouTube for the world to see.


Your experiment carried out on the International Space Station and streamed live from space on YouTube.

An amazing space experience of your choice: watch the rocket with your experiment blast off in Japan or wait until you're 18 and take cosmonaut training in Russia.
A trip to Washington, D.C. USA, including an 
exhilarating ZERO-G flight.

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