Lose It 4 Good

Lose It 4 Good

Many of us have more than a bit of weight to lose, but lack the motivation to do anything about it, even though we know that our extra weight is slowly killing us through diabetes, high blood pressure, wear and tear on joints, heart disease, and a bunch of other ways that we really try and ignore. Our families and friends stand helplessly by waiting for the day to come when we either decide to help ourselves or drop dead far too soon.

Village Development Partnership

Lose It 4 Good has been set up as a win-win self-help network to encourage people to get healthier while raising money for the Village Development Partnership, an initiative that has set up over 400 community-scale banks that extends micro-credit across Thailand and the region.

Taking inspiration from television’s The Biggest Loser, a group of expatriates based in Bangkok, Thailand has formed a team dedicated to losing as much weight as possible from 1 July through 1 December 2011.  We are approaching family, friends, colleagues, companies and complete strangers to pledge to donate money based on the amount of weight lost during this time.

We are hoping that you are inspired to join in to support good health and raise money for a a self-sustaining cause  that changes entire communities. You can get involved in four ways:

  • pledging money to our group, or another registered participant here on the site
  • signing up here to be a participant, lose weight and raise money through pledges
  • forming a team and joining up here, losing weight and raising money through pledges
  • being a corporate sponsor of Lose It 4 Good.

Our objective is to get as many people from around the world involved as possible, either as participants or as sponsors. We are also hoping that companies will form groups for their employees to participate and get healthy while raising money. We will include all these groups on the website.

So, dear reader, get involved and come join us on this 5-month adventure to lose weight, get fit, get healthy and lose is for good.


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