Tesco celebrates Clubcard anniversary

Tesco Lotus today celebrates the first anniversary of Clubcard in Thailand. Some Bt400 million in cash vouchers and Bt600 million worth of product coupons were distributed during the year.

Over 5 million customers now use the card, making about 10 million transactions every month. They represent 20 per cent of all members worldwide. Tesco aims to sign up 7 million members by year-end.


Chris Bush, (right in the photo), Tesco Lotus CEO, said "The past year has been tough for our customers, but they have stuck by us, choosing to spend their well earned money with Tesco Lotus because they know we give them the lowest prices, consistently, across the store, day in day out. This loyalty though can never be taken for granted. Clubcard is quite simply our way of saying "Thank you", putting real value back into their wallets and is our tried and tested way to earn their lifetime loyalty".

"It's been an exciting year with many new initiatives giving value straight back to our customers but this year is only the beginning of the Clubcard journey. Clubcard is an integral part of our company vision. Clubcard has changed the way that we do business in Thailand".

With over 21 million active members worldwide, Tesco Lotus was the 7th country business to launch Clubcard and Thailand members now make up 20 per cent of all members worldwide.

Kurt Kamp, Chief Marketing Officer, said "A guiding principal of Clubcard is to learn and develop all the time. We measure success, we listen to our customers, we learn from what they tell us. Through our partnership with dunnhumby, we are able to analyse extensive data which gives us sophisticated customer insight and understanding. We are now able to understand customer needs and preferences in a way that no-one else can in Thailand. Clubcard is our key long-term communication channel with our customers and, quite simply is getting better and better".

Tesco's roadmap is for Clubcard to be the best card of its kind with better rewards.

"We are constantly improving by offering more points at more places, gaining a better insight into shopping behavior and customer preferences and by building closer relationships with our customers," Bush said.


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