Ajarn Donald's Online English Learning With Scriblink & ooVoo

    1. Scriblink is a free digital sketchpad that users can share online in real time. Sorta like pen and paper, minus the dead trees, plastic, and the inconvenience of being at the same place at the same time. Scriblink has something to offer everyone. If you're here for pure enjoyment, Scriblink is a fun way to scribble alone or with friends. With privacy, personal invites, a chat box, and advanced editing tools, the site is also great for more serious things like studying with classmates for chemistry or going over new product designs. The internet has done wonders for the way people communicate, but it's no substitute for the power of pen and paper. When emails and phone calls just aren't getting the message across, Scriblink is your solution to real-time online collaboration.
  • How to ooVoo

    What do I need to use ooVoo?

    All you need is broadband internet access and a computer with a
     webcam and microphone (a headset works great if you have one).

    How do I video chat with my friends?

    Invite friends via email or video message right from ooVoo.
    If your friends are already on ooVoo, you will find them easily.
    You can also video chat with friends who haven't installed ooVoo - they'll
    join your video call on a Web browser!

    ooVoo's Video Chat

    It’s easy to get set up – all you need to get started video chatting is a webcam. 
    You’ll look and sound your best with ooVoo’s high quality audio and video, 
    unsurpassed by the competition.
    If your friend doesn’t have ooVoo, you can have a free browser-based chat 
    with them by sending your unique Web Video Call link through email, IM or 
    through your favorite social networking. In a single click, your friend joins you 
    in a live online video chat on their browser – all they need is a web camera 
    and an internet connection. This unique functionality gives you the freedom to 
    talk to your contacts quickly, without any downloads.

    Ajarn Donald's Online English Learning
    Please Call: 6689-201-1680 

    No more going out in bad weather to study.

    No more crowed classrooms that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    No more waking up early to learn English.

    No more going to sleep so late.

    You are now in control because
    you choose the day and time to study. 
    You can study from your home or 
    office because all you need is a computer
    and high-speed Internet connection. 
    You also need a webcam and a microphone.
    Best of all it's affordable and there is nothing to download.
    The choice seems clear so why not call now because this offer
    is limited to the first 10 people who signup. Please call: 6689-201-1680

    30-Hours 1,995.00 Baht


  1. Great background, but the text (due to the colors selected) is very hard to read.
    Could you please tell me why you prefer ooVoo to Skype?
    I'm from => http://hipreplacementrecovery.net

  2. Actually I have both Skype and ooVoo. From my experience in using both communication programs ooVoo is much more advance and has many more features than Skype. Therefore I decided to go with ooVoo as my first choice with Meebo as my second choice and Skype being my third choice as a backup program. Also Meebo is much more easier to use and has more features than Skype. Please keep in mind Skype is the pioneer of the industry and as we've seen to many times these companies don't invest much into their future and technology. I do expect that to change in the coming years with the purchase of Skype by Microsoft.
    On another note please explain to me which part/parts were difficult to read and please offer any suggestion. Thanks in advance for that Stan and have a nice day.


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