New Menu: What would you like after you die?

Order now before it's to late! If your late then you only have 2 choices that will actually be made by someone else because it's too late, you're already suppose to be dead. 
Choice No.1 Being buried 6-feet under in a cemetery. Then as the years go by all those BIG black spiders and other creepy crawlers work their way into your coffin and just start nibbling away of what is left of you.

Choice No.2 Being cremated over a bar-b-q like pit that is about ten million degrees Celsius. You will then look worse than a burned out flat tire from a Peterbilt truck. But then again who cares because the final stage are your ashes. 

If you act now before it's too late, then you may have more choices. 

Choice No.3 for all you environmentalist who believe going green is the right thing to do to help our environment. Get your body liquefied when you die. What better gift can you give back to planet Earth than a freeze dried or liquefied resomation?

Now I'm truly convinced this is what we all should do. Let's all go green now and after we die.


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