Learning Creativity and About Creativity From Lego

So what do I mean by creative skills? These three mainly:

From my first space themed set at age six, into the Technic range in my teens and twenties, I continue to indulge my fascination for Lego brick sets. I’m what is termed an AFOLAdult Fan of Lego; I believe it had and continues to have implications for how I structure my thoughts and activities that involve work & play. I’ve written before that play is significant for learning through what seems like an abnormally long human childhood (for an animal our size). Oftentimes, I attribute my few creative skills to extensive play, building with Lego being a substantial part of it.

  1. The ability to create/generate ideas, create things either virtual or real that have value, are new and surprising.
  2. Being imaginative and extending ideas beyond the boundaries in which they are generated – taking A and applying it to B.
  3. Being ‘creative’ within a system/framework. I studied engineering and found that it enabled a framework of thought that allowed me to be creative within its constraints. Systematic creativity is encouraged and enabled in many disciplines such as the arts, science, design and of course, engineering.
The exceptionally creative people I’ve known over the years have shown distinct abilities that set them apart from others. Don’t get me wrong, every individual is creative in their own way; this creativity is essential to human adaptation to the varied situations encountered in life. However, there are some individuals you meet who shine in lateral thinking, making connections, drawing conclusions, reaching decisions and creating/generating something that is new, surprising and interesting.

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