Why free apps can suck for our schools...

Why free apps can suck for our schools...
by Brad Flickinger

The other day I was showing a colleague an amazing little app I use to manage my to-do lists across multiple devices on multiple platforms. He was really impressed until he found out that is cost...
Prepare yourself...
A whopping $4.99!
“$4.99! I'm not going to pay that much for an app!”
I'm sorry to say this about him - but what an idiot. He won't pay $4.99 to make his life a whole lot better when the coffee in his hand cost more than this app. Again, what an idiot.
But some school districts or no different.
For example, as I work with more and more districts about converting over to mobile devices in the classrooms, the discussions always leads to the apps that these devices will use. But almost without exception as I start to suggest certain apps over others there is always someone in the group to freak out over the price of an app.
“You mean the app is not free?”
“No, it is $1.99.” I repeat.
“Can't you find one that is free and does the same thing?” they fire back.
Yes, there might be one that is free, but it won't do the same thing.” I answer back knowing where this is headed.

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