World-class bronze casting

Patchana Sangket, managing director of Rocla Fine Art Co Ltd, poses beside one of her most celebrated works of avoluptuous woman. PHOTOS BY WIPAWAN THAITHANAN AND PRADYA WUTTHITHUMRONG

Artist in a mould all of her own

Nauvarat Suksamran
A bronze work depicting a sitting girl.
"Thai people's skills are comparable to those of westernartisans or may even surpass them. Our works are delicate,ornate and most importantly, labour costs are far cheaper," says Patchana Sangket, a highly successful bronze castingartist from Lop Buri. 
Here is a long excerpt from a story in today’s Bangkok Post about world-famous artist few Thais know about. The full story, with many more photographs, can be found here: 

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