About the NG Education Site Redesign

You are visiting National Geographic Education’s completely redesigned beta website. Welcome! We hope you like what you see. The site is still under development, so you are seeing only some of the planned features and content. New things will continue to roll out—and your opinion matters! 

Since its founding in 1888 "for the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge," the National Geographic Society has worked to educate audiences about our planet. National Geographic Education develops programs for educational settings—in and out of school. We do this by targeting two goals: Geo-Literacy and Educational Outreach

Our redesigned beta website, NatGeoEd.org, offers an expanded and updated library of National Geographic’s popular education content, highlighting our iconic media and expert resources aligned with education standards. This beta site is just the first phase of a next-generation website with a wide range of free educational resources that bring geography, science, and social studies to life for educators, learners, and their families.


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