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FREE Video Booster Of The Week 4-10 March 2013


About Video Boosters

Video Boosters are video-based interactive English language learning units that help you reinforce your vocabulary; oral and written comprehension; grammar and usage skills in just 15 minutes.

Each is based on a short (one to three-minute) authentic-language video drawn from a wide range of current sources, such as blockbuster movies; hit TV series; chart-topping music videos; reports from global television news channels; documentaries; how-to videos; and lectures by opinion leaders. There then follows a sequence of five interactive exercises dedicated to comprehension, vocabulary use, listening skills, and grammar usage.

Each video is preceded by a snapshot of the vocabulary which will be encountered (from six to eight items) and a summary of the video. Learners can then view the video - pausing, rewinding, and replaying as often as they like - before starting the comprehension part of the exercise sequence. At each stage of a Video Booster, the learner continues to have access to the video resources (the video player itself; the key vocabuary; and, in later stages, the video transcript) and benefits from immediate feedback on correct/incorrect answers; intermediate scores; and messages of encouragement by the English Attack! mascot, Booster.

At the end of the Video Booster, you receive a breakdown of your intermediate and total scores; a skills graph; and suggestions as to related Video Boosters. You can also comment on the video; and share it via a range of social networking tools. 
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