English-Attack! Thailand For Education

Schools, universities, language institutes

You can use English Attack! learning units - video exercises, visual dictionaries and practice games - with your learners both in the classroom as well as for out-of-class learning.

The wide range of content categories and difficulty levels available on English Attack! makes it an ideal complementary English learning resource for students in Middle School through to secondary and university-level education, as well as for those enrolled in language institutes.

A deep and constantly expanding catalog of contextual exercises allows the learner to evolve English language proficiency over the course of his or her education. The format and currency of the units (clips from films, news, music, etc) generates enthusiasm and motivation.
English Attack! for Education consists of a Teachers and Schools Platform and special Education price plans.
English Attack! is currently being used in schools, universities and language institutes throughout the world.

Using English Attack! resources with your learners

Ask your learners to prepare for your chosen lesson

(recommended pedagogy)

Your learners can prepare for your lessons with a Video Booster (video exercise) related to the theme or subject you would like to cover. You can also ask them to review a Photo Vocab (visual dictionary) containing key vocabulary they will need for the lesson.

You'll find your learners keener and more familiar with your planned lesson's theme and vocabulary if they have warmed up for it with the appropriate English Attack! learning units.

Using English Attack! in the classroom

Using interactive multimedia resources in class is a great way to capture the attention 
of your learners.

If your classroom is equipped with a video projector or an interactive whiteboard, you can achieve a high degree of learner participation by going over a Video Booster with them directly in class. You also have the option of playing the video part of the exercise in full-screen mode and coming back to the exercise format later.

Photo Vocabs are perfect for class work on specific vocabulary or content themes.
Going through the Photo Vocab with your learners as a group can be a nice lead-in to a class discussion on the topic of that visual dictionary.

Have your learners consolidate new language items with Practice Games

At the end of your lesson, ask your learners to consolidate the new language items they've seen in class by playing some Practice Games at home.

English Attack! Practice Games allow for contextual revision of language items seen in Photo Vocabs and Video Boosters, and as such are highly effective for locking in recently learned content.

While not at all feeling like "homework," these games use contextualization, repetition, and image/text association to enable learners to move language items from short-term to long-term memory.

For More Information Please Contact:
English Language: Donald Patnaude

Thai Language: Supawan Inbunna

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