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Free Video Booster:

A video exercise based on the clip of "Evanora vs. Theodora" from Oz The Great And Powerful.
A 6-step interactive lesson to help you improve your English.
Learn new words and expressions including impostorin league, andoaf, and practice them with Swap Mania and Word Rescue games.

Free Photo Vocab:

A visual dictionary about Parts Of The Body.
Learn 16 new words and expressions on this theme, each with an illustration, definition, sample sentence, and audio file for correct pronunciation.
Practice this vocabulary with Swap ManiaWord Rescue and Speed Pix games.

This Week's Free Bonus Game:

SayWhat? game based on a video clip from All Good Things.
Practice your listening and comprehension skills with this addictive and fun video karaoke game.
As usual, Verb Dash is free for all English Attack! learners.
Do not miss this opportunity to practice English irregular verbs in a fun and efficient way.

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