English-Attack! Thailand For Independent Teachers

Private English Lessons

Many teachers of English use English Attack! as a resource with their learners during one-to-one or small-group lessons.

The format and currency of the learning units (video-based exercises, games and visual dictionaries) refresh learner motivation with each new session and favor productive teacher-student communication during the lesson.

English Attack! is also highly effective when used with autonomous learners, who can prepare for a given lesson using the resource and then review it afterwords.

Subscription to English Attack! via an Independent Teacher Booster Pass gives you access to exclusive tools for use with your learners in one-to-one or small group lessons.

English Attack! and Private Lessons 

Pedagogy tips

A learner can prepare for a lesson by getting familiar with a given topic via a video on the site (for example, a film clip or news item).
Before the lesson, the learner can work through the Video Booster (interactive video exercise) associated with the video and pick up additional vocabulary with a related Photo Vocab (visual dictionary).

During the lesson, you can review the exercises with the learner, focusing on particular points of grammar or vocabulary use that need more work. The video clips can also be a great jumping-off point for conversation practice.

Following the lesson, your learner can consolidate new learned vocabulary by playing the Practice Games for the Video Booster and Photo Vocab used during the lesson.

Invite your learners to your class on English Attack!

Your Independent Teacher Booster Pass includes a Student Invitation Code. By creating an account using the code, your learners are automatically connected to your class on English Attack!

Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all pedagogical content on English Attack!, any of which can be assigned to your students.

Learners access the "My School" area of the site you will have created for them, where they will see and do the exercises assigned. An integrated message board allows you to communicate remotely with your learners, and a teacher dashboard enables you to monitor the usage frequency, assignment results and progress of each learner.

Thanks to your invitation code, your learners benefit from a special Student Discount should they wish to buy a Booster Pass. However, subscription by your learners is not strictly required, as you can always assign them the free learning units published on the site every week.

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